Monday, December 15, 2014

Getting My Life Together

I love to give gifts as you can probably tell from my gift guide.  Well, as a blogger, my favorite gift to receive  is the gift of organization.
A planner.
I did a lot of planner shopping last year before I decided on my Plum Paper Designs planner.  I looked at Whitney English's Day Designer, I bought one from Target, and I drooled over some Erin Condern for a while.  When my friend Heather told me about Plum Paper around this same time last year, I looked up their shop on Etsy and I was hooked and I knew that was exactly what I wanted.
You can choose from 3 different organizers and tons of personalized covers. Each one comes with plastic protector sheets over the front and back covers, 12 months, note pages, full calendars, a holiday page, and tabs for each month.  You can get them personalized, purchase a monthly budget tracker, a meal planner, a student planner, basically anything you could possibly need.
I used mine to plan my studying, classes, work schedule, and my blogging.  I chose to get the format where the days are separated by Morning, Afternoon, and Evening.  It worked really well and really helped me keep track of my life. 
Having a planner is really important to me.  I tried to manage my time using my phone, but it simply did not work for me.  This planner was the answer to all my organizational issues.  Sometimes I even have to pencil in my adorable boyfriend to makes sure I've got time for him...
As a lovely Christmas treat Plum Paper has given me a 10% off coupon code to share with you.
Use code CHALK10 at check out ot recieve your 10% off.


Jen said...

I need a planner for next year.

JG said...

I'm still investigation planners, too. I love my EC, but I'm trying to see what all is out there before going for sure one way or another.

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