Monday, June 16, 2014

I Was So Wrong

Once upon a time, I wrote a blog post in my old blog about how I dislike being single.  You can walk down memory-lane and read that here.  If you don't feel like it, I can just tell you this, I was complaining because I was seeing all this cute coupley stuff and I wanted someone cute to hold hands with. 

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Just kidding! I'm not going to do that!
I'm actually here to tell you this:
I was wrong. 

For a few weeks, I tried the boyfriend thing.  As it turns out, it wasn't all that great.  The guy wasn't the problem.  He was fine.  It was the idea.  I was so trapped.  It was like I had been single for so long (like...years.  Literally) that I had forgotten how to be a girlfriend. 

I suppose that it's possible he just wasn't the right guy for me, or else I would have just been able to get past that uncomfortable feeling of...suffocation.  But at this point, I haven't been able to.  I just keep thinking about all the fun stuff I've been able to do because I'm living free of commitment.  I've always been a relationship girl...I guess maybe I'm different now. 

I'm not saying that there aren't plenty of perks to being in a relationship.  Relationships aren't all bad.  In fact, they're great.  But right now, I'm in  a place where a relationship is not the answer. 
Just kidding. I'll tell you. 

I'm a wanderer.  I can't remember the last time I just felt content sitting where I'm at. 

I want to work on myself.  It's hard to do that when you have to work on someone else too. 

Just this week I had random adventures with 4 different groups of people that were beyond fun.  In a relationship, I probably would have spent the weekend watching Netflix.  (not that you can't do fun things when you're in a relationship, but I feel like the ration of epic:lame goes out of whack.)

I love dating.  I partying.  I love new friends.

I really like to do my own thing without having to check in with someone or feel bad that I chose to do something besides hang out with my "other half". 

I feel like I'm enough for now.

I'm not saying I will never again want a boyfriend to later marry and reproduce with, but I'm saying that right now, for the first time in a very  long time, I feel like I am exactly where I'm supposed to be.  


Ashley Bishop said...

It's great that you recognize this! The right guy will come along at just the right time and everything will work out perfectly! --That was my 'life is all good' quote for the day.

Kara said...

Some guy will come along and he'll be like your perfect best friend that you get to have sexy times with. Win-Win! You won't feel smothered, like you are missing out on fun times. He'll be your fun times!

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