Monday, June 15, 2015

Pagosa Springs Folk N' Bluegrass

Oh hey, blog.  Long time no see.  About that...

Since I moved home, I'm been running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  Every weekend I've been doing all sorts of stuff.  It has really been a ton of fun, but my blog is going to the wayside.  Just in the past few weeks, I have gone to two bluegrass festivals, switched rooms with my mom's sewing room, decided to buy an adult size bed, got and started a job, and I started a band...

As a whole lot has happened, I figured I start with mine and my sister's trip to Pagosa Springs for a bluegrass festival.  Lemme just say, Colorado is so incredible and I'd like to move there. What was  unique about this festival though, was that it was the first one that my sister and I have ever attended without either of our parents present.  

We drove down on a Thursday and it was quite an adventure.  I even let my little sister drive for a portion of it.  That was a pretty big deal...She has only had her license for a few months and she is still learning.

I was one nervous sissy in the passenger seat.  But it was really nice to get a break from driving.

We also had a few challenges when we arrived.  We didn't really know how things worked so we stayed in a hotel for one night.  The next morning we had to sit in a car line for a few hours before we could drive up the mountain to find a camp site.  Once we arrived at a camp site, we realized that we didn't really know anything about camping.  We were without tent stakes, a table to put our stove on, any type a shelter to cook under when it rained, we didn't have a mattress pad for Megan...Basically we just realized that we were very unprepared. 
We improvised this little box with sticks to get the propane stove up off the ground.  Eventually we ended up just putting it up on a styrofoam cooler.  The bottom of the stove doesn't get hot, so that worked out really well. 

It was a miracle this thing stayed up...but it did.  

The shelter would have been smart.  It rained basically the entire weekend.  We were pretty lucky that I happened to have quite a few things in my car from my move that I've had yet to take out my car.  We had extra socks, shoes, scarves, and other things to help us out.  We may have been a bit unprepared but we ended up no worse for wear.
You can watch this Flipgram to really get the whole story!

On the way home we made a few stops, and it was so worth it.  Megan was able to take a picture in her signature stance and we got to stop at the "Hole N' The Rock" where you can go ride a camel and tour a house in the rock. 

And there you have it.  I blogged. 

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