Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Loving Las Vegas

When I moved to Las Vegas, I didn't expect to love it.  In fact, I just expected to go to school and basically do nothing else.  Travis and I talk about it all the time...How did we even end up here?  Sometimes we'll be driving down the street and I can't even believe that this is the place that I've chosen to live at this point in my life. Maybe that's a little dramatic, but it just continues to surprise me.  As a non-native local, I've developed a few favorite things to do.

My Top 5 Favorite Things in Las Vegas

5) Sundays at the Arts Factory

Every Sunday I play some bluegrass music at the Bar + Bistro in the Arts District.  It's a three hour set that completely exhausts me.  It's hard.  But I love it.  When there's a big crowd of people and the energy is great...the mimosas are bottomless for $12 and bloody Mary's too.  I'm in love with the pancakes.  I eat them every week.  and I play and I love it. 

4)  The Fremont Street Experience/Downtown Las Vegas   

I don't know why I love it downtown so much, but I really do.  It's such a cool atmosphere down there.  It feels like I've stepped right into the past.  It's also kind of fun to see all the street performers, the zip liners, and the bad cover bands.  One of the best things about it?  The alcohol is a lot cheaper than it is on the Strip.  

3)  Atomic Liquor.  

This place is the oldest bar in Las Vegas.  Well...They have the oldest liquor license in Las Vegas dated 1956.  It's so named because during the times of Atomic Testing you could conveniently view the mushroom clouds from the patio at the bar.  I like it because it have this amazing vintage feel, cool bartenders, and it was the place Travis and I went on our first date...so I'm a little biased there.

2) The High Roller

I went on the High Roller when Travis and I decided to take his grandparents on it for their Christmas Present.  It was truly one of my favorite life experiences thus far.  That's not even just in Vegas.  Simply...period.  You can read about that experience here 

1)  The Mob Museum

You are probably things...seriously?  The Mob Museum? Of all the things to do in Vegas that is your favorite?  Well...Yeah.  It is.  It's a huge part of the history of Las Vegas and it is really cool to see it in that museum.  I went with my mom when I moved here in the fall and it was eye opening to see how...huge all that organized crime was...and most likely still is. 

I hope that in the next few months of living in Las Vegas, I'll come to find a lot more things that I love about living here.  There are plenty of things besides those 5 such as hiking at Mount Charleston, star gazing at red rock, the awesome outdoor shooting range in North Las Vegas, the luxury movie theaters, all of the chances to eat really good food...

It's pretty dang cool to live in a destination.  Stay tuned for the best Vegas trick you have ever heard of.  


Jamie@HandlingWGrace said...

I love that you're finding all of these awesome off the beaten track things to enjoy!

Katie said...

I honestly just think it's more fun that way. I try to live like a local(because I am one) . You can only ride the NYNY roller coaster so many times! haha

Jen said...

You are becoming a local very quickly..... :)

Shannon Hall said...

Uhhh so I've been slacking on reading your blog and I haven't even seen your new design! I love it!

Katie said...

Thanks! I just would rather be local the touristy all the time!

Katie said...

Haha this is brand spanking new as of last night! Don't feel too behind.

Ashley said...

It sounds so fun! I wanna come out and visit!!!

Shannon Hall said...

Oh... uhh... What I meant was, I've been reading all your blog posts the whole time. :)

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