Monday, November 17, 2014

We're Breakfast People

My little California Vacation, although it was prompted by a very sad thing, was actually kind of fun.  It was pretty great getting to see the place that Travis grew up. He took me out to breakfast at the Swing Inn in Old Town. Old Town is a really cool area with all kinds of different restaurants and neat buildings.  Even better, the Swing Inn is a place that Trav and his family used to go when he and his brother were kids.  It was perfect too.  Because we're Breakfast People
This is us outside of the restaurant.  Unfortunately, we always take picutres selfie style, so you can never actually see what fun adventure we're on.  Good thing I told you, huh?

Also, I got to give Travis a gift I have been dying to give him.  When my family visited two weeks ago, my dad brought down the holster that he made for Trav.  He totally knew he was going to get it.  That sort of made me sad, I love surprises. But he was definitely not disappointed.
While we were there we went out to dinner and spent some much-needed time out together.  It's hard when you're stuck in all that grief.  It was nice to get out and just be silly for a little bit. We're drinking a milkshake at Red Robin.  It was supposed to have alcohol in it, but I saw how much baileys she put in much for an "Adult" shake... :P
We decided to take advantage of our nice clothes and took a few pictures together.  I don't know if you can see it on my face, but oh man...I'm so in love. I know I loved being single, but I love being loved more.  I guess I was just waiting around for the right one to come along...and here he is. All perfect in his Ray Bans and tie that he had to YouTube to tie...And even then it was all wrong. Don't tell him, but I think he's kind of got a hold on me..

And just for fun...While we were doing some work getting things cleaned out and business taken care of, we found all kinds of Trav's old stuff.  Sports jerseys, baby clothes, picutres, and this gold right here.  This is his Indiana Jones hat from Disneyland and his boyscout uniform from when he was 9.  If you have liked my page on facebook you may have already seen this gem.
Yeah...I fit into a 9 year old boy's shirt.  A little sad and a little happy at the same time. Kind of like the entire time I was there...It's hard.  We're working through it all, but it's hard.  I'm just glad that we got to spend a lot of time together and I was able to go down there and be able to stand by Trav's side while he goes through this incredibly hard thing. He's kind o fmy hero right now...I suppose it just takes time.
How was your weekend? Do anything fun?


JG said...

You are such a cute couple! I know he was glad to have you there (not just because you're cute, of course).

Shannon Hall said...

You guys are too cute. And I admire how supportive you are of each other. Also, love the holster.

Ashley said...

Y'all are so cute.

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