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Sympathetic Musings of the Tattooed Woman

Today I have a lovely guest to share with you! Sincerely, Alaska is one of my new favorite blogs! She has all kind of good things to share and she's a college girl fighting her way through life just like me!
I'm beyond in love with her post today and I hope that you all enjoy it :) 

Tat * Too :

1. a form of body modification, made by inserting indelible ink into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment.

2. One of the most commonly misjudged (modified) features on a human being. 

*        *        *
If you're like me, then you have a special place in your heart for the art that is tattoos. It took me about a year to convince my parents to let me get one for my 18th birthday but once they agreed I was on a mini-roadtrip with one of my best friends. It was a scary moment for me to have my first one done...especially since I started off with a big calf piece. 

Tattoo #1 was done 2 hours from my home by an artist who specializes in Horror themed pieces. I stared at a zombie head for the 3 hours I was on the table. I passed out for the other 45 minutes. It's a dream catcher to remind me to keep in the good/beautiful and let go of the bad/ugly with a blue rose for Hope. 

Tattoo #2 was done in my hometown and with the Boyfriend at my side. It's a teal bow to support sexual assault survivors/victims. 

Tattoo #3 was done at the same place on Friday the 13th when they do $13 tattoos. I was alone and the whole thing took about 5 minutes of not very happy feelings in my arm. It's the chipped teacup from Beauty and The Beast.

*        *        *
With each of these tattoos comes endless amounts of chatter from other people. Women have it a bit more on the sharp edge but most of these can apply to all the fellas out there rocking a full arm sleeve or calf piece. 

#1. "You know that's permanent, right?"

I love it when people ask me this specific question. Because, really, know one informed me ahead of time that my tattoo which was inked into my body with needles wasn't going to wash off in the shower 2-4 weeks from now. 

I also had a women ask me if my calf piece was temporary. Yes. 

#2 Highly unnecessary judgement, to your face, from strangers.

I once had a women come up to me while I was changing the trash at work (I was wearing a skirt which showed off my dream catcher) and yell at me: "Why would I do this to my body? What was wrong with me? Never get another!!!" 

Because, it is my body and I make the choices of what to do with it.

#3 The Wedding Dress Dilemma 
The first thing my grandmother said to me when she saw my newly done bow was: "But what about when you're in your wedding dress? Are you really going to want people to see that?" If I didn't love it and I didn't want to be able to show that part of me through physical/body art, I wouldn't have gotten it. 

Honestly, I think my tattoos will look great the day I'm in a wedding gown. 

#4 The "You'll Never get a Job" Speech

You have to love when people stop you for their 15 minutes speech about how you will never, ever, ever, ever get a decent job with a tattoo. You might as well monogram that McDonalds uniform since you're stuck there forever.

Excuse me, but do you understand how many places do fully accept body art and how many products are on the market to cover them when needed?

#5 The Meaning Demand
As I mentioned, each of my tattoos do have meaning to me. However, I do not always feel up to stopping and telling, in depth, the story behind all of my tattoos to any stranger who happens to pass by. It's even better if they get annoyed that you won't//can't tell them.

+5 points if they are angry that you DON'T have a meaning behind your tattoo.

#6 The Questionable Mommy
Ladies, your tattoos will never ever make you a "bad" or "questionable" mommy. You are not slowly seeping the thoughts of Satan into your baby's mind. You are a mom. Who happens to have some really great art on her body.

#7 The Questionable Christian
You have tattoos. Not a one way bus ticket to Hell. If you love the Lord and serve him, that is what matters. Not what is on your skin.

#8 Old Age and Pregnancy
People assume that everyone, especially young adults, who get a tattoo or multiple don't realize that the tattoo will not look that gorgeous when your skin stretches, sags, or wrinkles. Honestly though, by the time we hit those points in our life, we won't care. They're still a part of who we are and they still mean something to us. What do you care?

Your body, Your rules. Rock what you have and love it till you're 6 feet under. Other people's negativity toward what you love is not worthy of your time and effort. I think you look awesome.


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