Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A One Day Giveaway and a Trip Down Memory Lane

As promised, today, I am giving away a "MercoBox" by Merco Local

I told you about how I'm a huge fan of small business? Well, as such a fan, I see that Merco Local has been working hard to promote "mom & pop" shops more than anything I have seen online.  They work with local businesses who don't have a huge advertising budget to get their names out there. 

Merco Local recently started this awesome thing where they send out boxes filled with locally made products and gift cards. The box is filled with all kinds of good stuff and opportunities to "go local" instead of buying from chain stores and corporate giants. 

What I love about the MercoBox, is it shows how versatile local business is. It's not just "hand made" this and that, it's cosmetics, coffee, chocolates, soap, cleaning products etc. There is so much more to local business than what you might think.  These boxes give you the chance to give local a try.  

Merco Local sent me two of their MercoBoxes for free. One to keep, and one to giveaway.  I have an unopened box for one lucky winner. This giveaway will only run for 24 hours after the time posted.  That means that it will end about this time tomorrow morning.  To enter to win, please do the following. 

'Like' Chalk it up to Better Luck on Facebook 
'Like' Merco Local on Facebook. 

After you have liked them both, please comment on the giveaway post stating that you have liked both pages. I will choose one lucky winner from the comments and send them their very own Merco Local box.  It is recommended that only people who live in Utah enter to win as the products are from here, but anyone is welcome to join in!  

And just because I feel like I have been a Grade F blogger lately, I figured I ought to share with you some gems from my child hood. My mom was looking for a picture for my sister's Senior Baby Ad in her high school yearbook, so we busted out the bucket of old pictures. These two are my favorites. 

This was the year that I was all about the horses and where my rodeo queen dream began.  That was Christmas day a long time ago.  I got a saddle, boots, and other "cowpoke" things. I thought I was the coolest kid in the world.  The cowgirl dream has sort of gotten lost along the course of my life, but maybe some day I'll try to give it a major comeback. Probably when I strike it rich and have a huge home with 100 acres and a some stables that I simply must fill with a horsey or two. 

Please, feel free to make fun of this photograph for the rest of the day. 


Tara said...

I liked both pages!

Jenn @ Party of One said...

What a great giveaway idea- I love the concept of the product!!! I liked both pages :) I'm not from Utah but I'd still love to win- these goodies look great ;) Thanks for hosting! PS- Loving your throwback pictures! So fun to see people when they were kids!!!

Patricia Alexandra said...

I liked both pages and am so happy I found your blog!!! I think it's adorable.

Kara said...

I liked both pages! Thanks!!! Oh, and that bottom picture is adorable!

Kylie said...

Woohoo! Lovin' that local Utah love. ♥

Joy Candrian said...

Liked both FB pages...loving Utah made products!

Carson Knaphus said...

I liked both pages!

Michelle Fenton said...

I would love to win! :)

Jane said...

OMG! You were SO stinkin' cute!

Liked both pages. :)

Crystal said...

That cowgirl picture is so cute! I asked for a horse for Christmas EVERY year, starting when I was 2. Finally just had to buy my own at 18!

Deanna Watson said...

I like both pages on FB as deanna lynn.

Breanna Kegley said...

I Liked both pages... From Idaho

Katy Gibbs said...

I liked both - I would love to win this! Go UTAH!!

Layla Brady said...
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Layla Brady said...
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